GAS MARKETS – 08/21: Global LNG and the European Gas Market

Gas Market Outlook
Aug. 18, 2021Joachim Endress

Joachim Endress is an independent gas market analyst, specialized in short- and mid-term forecasts for the European gas market

The increased dependence in Europe on LNG has globalized the European gas market. The strong correlation between the markets brings high volatility and new record highs.

The Covid pandemic in 2020 caused a dramatic collapse in global energy demand, and gas markets in Europe marked new all-time lows in the summer of 2021. Since then, we have seen an unprecedented recovery. By August of this year, prices on the Dutch TTF had increased roughly tenfold from last year's lows, and front-month contract prices reached over 43 EUR/MWh in August 2021, the highest level on record.

The latest report provides focus on:

  • LNG prices near all-time high
  • Gas and LNG have a key role for the power sector
  • Structurally changed gas supply in Europe.
  • LNG Shortage 2021 - 2025
  • Spain largest LNG importer in Europe
  • Increasing volatility on the markets
  • Gazprom supply and deliveries
  • Medium Term Outlook TTF

Find the report here: Gas Markets August 2021 .

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