Earlier Update of ECMWF Ensembles

Sept. 17, 2019Joakim R. Blakstad

Wattsight's main weather provider ECMWF has changed the dissemination of their ensemble forecasts from today, September 17. This means that the EC ensembles will be available 20 minutes earlier than previously.

In addition, the first ensemble files will be available before the deterministic high-resolution forecasts (EC00, EC06, EC12 and EC18) are completed. Thus, both the deterministic and ensemble files will update simultaneously during a short period. The dissemination information from ECMWF can be found here: EC Dissemination

Wattsight have adapted the publication to this change by adding a new tab: Power->Live->Fundamentals ECEns. The updated schedule can be found below. 

EC Ensemble

Information about the GFS dissemination can be found here: GFS Dissemination. The average end of the GFS simulations can be seen in the table below.

EC Ensembles

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Joakim R. Blakstad
Senior Meteorologist