GFS Weather Forecasts Added

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Feb. 2, 2018Johannes Holdø

Wattsight has added GFS weather forecasts as a beta version to its analysis products. In addition to ECMWF, we will run GFS weather data through our Weather2Fundamental (W2F) system and provide forecasts for our products Power Market Fundamentals and Short-term Power.

Model Setup

The current model for consumption, wind, SPV, residual load and short-term power forecasts is based on ten days and three-hour steps. We plan to extend the forecast with one-hour steps the first 120 hours, three-hour steps until day ten and twelve-hour steps until day 16. However, the value of the forecast from day 10 to 16 is limited for the operational forecast. 

Additional Service for Our Customers

We understand GFS weather forecasts as an additional service for our customers. Still, ECMWF weather forecasts will remain our standard that will provide our customers with the most accurate results. 


The current GFS forecasts are running as a beta version until March 12, 2018. We want to ensure that the model is running stable for one month before we officially release. Therefore, the displayed pages are simply a teaser. We are working on an improved presentation and will integrate the GFS forecasts into our existing power forecasting products, e.g. Intraday Power Forecasts. Moreover, we will add GFS Ensemble (GEFS) and improve the SPV profile.  

Start Testing 

Find the GFS forecasts in our application under Power > Analysis > Instant Spot and Power > Fundamentals for consumption, wind, residual load, and SPV. 

Do you lack access to Wattsight or our Products Fundamental for Power and Short-term Power Forecasts? Don’t hesitate to request a trial