Significant Upgrade of Hydrological Forecasts

hydrology normals and forecasts
Feb. 1, 2019Jan Håvard Bleka

We have improved our Hydrology forecasts by applying available historic production data to build normals with hourly variations for total hydro production and run of river production for all European hydrological areas. Previously, normals for hydro-power production came on daily resolution.

The hydro-power production forecasts are delivered on an hourly resolution with an intra-day profile. This variation will in most areas arise from the power production from reservoirs balancing the daily consumption pattern. The intra-day profiles of the hydro-power production forecasts are for the first 14 days calculated from production data of the previous 7 days, transitioning towards the normal intra-day profiles used after 30 days.

Reduced power production during the weekends is not yet accounted for in the hydro normals and long-term forecasts.

The curves on

The curves on app.wattsight com will still have the daily resolution (e.g. here)

Hydro NO1

The curves in 

The curves on API will get the intra-day variations (e.g. here)

Hydro forecast daily

Hydro forecast NO1 hourly

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