Quarterly Update of Nordic Long-Term Power Prognosis Released

wind mill sunset
Sept. 5, 2018Johannes Holdø

Power prices are currently on the rise all over Europe - but what does this mean for prices in the long run? For you, who focuses on power price developments up to 25 years ahead, we have published our quarterly Nordic long-term prognosis on September 12, 2018.

The Nordic Standard

The report will provide you with a comprehensive policy background and insights into fuel and carbon prices' relevance for power generation costs. Our long-term price prognosis is a must for you who needs to understand energy strategies and power plant structures for strategic decision-making. With a track record of long-term analyses dating back to 1996, Wattsight is proud to be first-choice analysis provider for most Nordic energy investment projects.

This Report's Focus

  • EU’s 2030 renewable energy target increased to 32%, while we have revised our outlooks on electric vehicles’ role in future climate/energy policy, affecting long-term European power balances somewhat.
  • Industrial growth in Central Europe and Nordics progressing modestly, increased carbon and energy costs to harm further growth.
  • Gas losing further competitiveness to coal in power generation for the next couple of years.

The report has been published September 12, 2018, 

Continental Prognosis to be Released

Wattsight will release a long-term price report for Germany, France, and Belgium as well as the Netherlands this October. Are you interested in more information about this report or our the Nordic Long-term Prognosis you might want to contact our Sales team.