Quarterly Update of Nordic Long-Term Power Prognosis to be Released

wind mill sunset
Dec. 10, 2018Johannes Holdø

The Nordic Standard

The report will provide you with a comprehensive policy background and insights into fuel and carbon prices' relevance for power generation costs. Our long-term price prognosis is a must for you who needs to understand energy strategies and power plant structures for strategic decision-making. With a track record of long-term analyses dating back to 1996, Wattsight is proud to be first-choice analysis provider for most Nordic energy investment projects.

This Report's Focus

  • Significant increase in potential for long term development of wind power farms in Norway, based on new assessments for grid capacity in southernmost part of Norway
  • Increase in expected mid term development of wind power development in Norway/Sweden, based on new wind power projects included in the project pipeline during this autumn
  • Industrial growth across Europe is emerging with a sideways to negative trend, outlooks indicators suggest mid term growth to be weak

The report will be published December 13, 2018.