Update of Nordic Countries and Central European Long-Term Power Price Prognoses

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Nov. 28, 2019Espen Andreassen

On December 5, 2019, we have released the quarterly update of our long-term price prognosis for Nordic and Central European countries. Read more about the major points focused on in this edition.

A European Standard

Our long-term price report will provide you with a comprehensive policy background and insights into fuel and carbon prices' relevance for power generation costs. Our long-term price prognosis is a must for all who need to understand energy strategies and power plant structures for strategic decision-making. With a track record of long-term analyses dating back to 1996, Wattsight is proud to be a first-choice analysis provider for many European energy investment projects.

Highlights Nordic Report

  • German coal closure plans getting firmer, altering our perspectives to the long term German power balance 
  • Further signals of premature coal closures in Southern Europe widening the long term carbon credit balance
  • Additional growth in future Nordic power demand, given developments in Norwegian offshore fields and first emissions-free Swedish steel mill

The Nordic report applies findings and power price prognoses for Germany, Netherlands and UK as depicted in the Central European report. With a thorough focus on policy developments and power balance outlooks, our power price prognoses for Central Europe is obtained by applying detailed hour-by-hour price simulations. This report has increased attention to weather scenarios for power price simulations. 

The report has been published on December 5, 2019, at 12 pm for subscribers. Do you want to get access? Get your quote here.