Long-term Power Price Prognosis Extended to Central Europe

Central European Long-term Price Prognosis
Oct. 23, 2018Johannes Holdø

Wattsight launches a new report covering power prices developments for Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and the UK until 2045

On October 24, Wattsight will introduce a long-term outlook on fundamentals and power prices for Central Europe for the years 2018-2045. The report will among other topics provide customers with a unique insight into policy backgrounds and forecasts/assumptions on fuel and carbon prices. By applying these in a detailed price modelling tool, we provide long-term power balances and power prices.

Trusted Competence in Market Analysis and Modelling Skills

Wattsight is already publishing a quarterly long-term power price prognosis for the Nordics which serves as an industry standard for investments and risk management. In combination with our expertise in European short- and medium-term power modelling, Wattsight has obtained a unique combination of market insight and power price forecasting that you need to see investment opportunities and manage risks. 

A Truly Pan-European Provider

The new Central Europe long-term report will reinforce Wattsight’s position as a leading provider of data and consulting services to the European energy market. It strengthens a portfolio of power market products with forecasts from Intraday to the short-, medium- and long-term horizon. Moreover, our customers can rely on a broader knowledge base, second opinions from analysts as well as cost-efficient decision support for investments in power and energy assets. 

About Wattsight

Wattsight delivers data and insight that strengthen the customers’ understanding of power markets, giving professionals a unique basis for critical decision making. Wattsight serves a large number of clients, including several of Europe's major power and energy companies and financial institutions which value the unique competence of analysts, modelling skills and market intelligence based on two decades of experience. Our staff includes experts in power and energy markets, climate policy, mathematical and economic modelling, forecasting methodologies and market reporting.

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