New Precipitation Energy Models Launched for Central Eastern Europe

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Nov. 27, 2019Silje Eriksen Holmen

We are happy to announce that new precipitation energy models for Central Eastern Europe (CEE) have been added to Wattsight’s portfolio. The new models are Wattsight’s first step towards developing complete hydrological models for the region.

CEE Hydrology

New precipitation energy models have been developed for the CEE countries Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. We have utilized the same modeling approach successfully applied on other regions in Europe. The models are based on total hydro production data collected over a period of more than one decade and precipitation data, which has been fitted in a regression. The figure below shows the fit between yearly aggregated precipitation energy and total hydro production for the CEE country Poland.

Yearly precipitation energy and total hydro production for the CEE country Poland.

The assumption behind the development of the precipitation energy models is that production levels must be matched by precipitation statistically. In the table below, the average total production levels and fractions of reservoir and run-of-river production for each of the four CEE countries are listed.

Table 1: Percentage share of run-of-river and reservoir production to total hydro production for CEE countries. The average production levels for CEE countries are also listed. Pumping is not accounted for. Sources: Union for the Coordination of the Transmission of Electricity (UCTE), VBG Powertech.


Available Curves

The resulting curves from the new models are now available both on and

screenshot RRE CCE

In the Pipeline

In the near future, we plan to launch hydrological HBV models forecasting inflow energy, as well as hydro production levels and reservoir levels for CEE countries.

Questions and Feedback

For further information about the current and future hydrological portfolio for CEE, please feel free to contact us.

Silje Eriksen Holmen, PhD
Meteorologist / Hydrologist

Joakim Blakstad, PhD
Lead Meteorologist / Hydrologist