Quarterly Updates of Our Long-Term Price Prognoses

Sept. 4, 2020Espen Andreassen

On Thursday September 10th 2020, we have published quarterly updates of our long-term price prognoses for the Nordic Countries and Central Europe.

A move back to normal in economic activity is slowly progressing after the coronavirus outbreak shook European energy markets. Carbon abatement and promotion of new technologies are getting increased focus. This has central attention in our long term reports' September update.

Highlights for the Nordic and Central European Report

  • EU lawmakers are targeting increased long term GHG reduction targets and strong hydrogen promotion, affecting European power demand
  • The Nordic Countries have the last year signalled a stronger commitment to carbon abatement; higher power demand emerges from strong EV growth and hydrogen production
  • European and Nordic long term renewables growth have been revised somewhat up, partly due to strengthened offshore wind targets

The Nordic report applies findings and power price prognoses for Germany, Netherlands and UK as depicted in the Central European report. 

With a thorough focus on policy developments and power balance outlooks, our power price prognoses for Central Europe are obtained by applying detailed hour-by-hour price simulations. This report has major attention to weather scenarios for power price simulations. 

The reports has been published Thursday, September 10th, 2020, at 12 pm for subscribers. If you are currently a subscriber, click here to to access the latest report, or contact our sales team to receive a quote.