UMM Management Solution Upgrade

UMM update
April 26, 2017Johannes Holdø

We collect Urgent Market Messages (UMM) which are typically text messages published on various formats by different sources. We convert text information to a complete downloadable time series database on hourly resolution on different aggregation levels.

This blog post documents the progress of our management solution for Urgent Market Messages. It is planned to contain all important dates for changes, what’s updated and why, as well as short explanations for the changes.

List of updates

January 2018

  • UMM Sources RT and ENTSO-E added
May 2017
  • Transmission lines messages added.
February 2017
  • EEX UMMs launched. Information about production and consumption outages covers: DE, AT, CH, NL, BE, CZ, HU.
  • First publication of the Nordic UMMs. Source: NordPool.

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