UMM Management Improved

Jan. 26, 2018Johannes Holdø

Wattsight has improved its model for collecting and interpreting Urgent Market Messages (UMM) by adding new countries and specific information on power generations types.

Power Outages Quantified into Time Series

Urgent Market Messages is a reporting tool which enables European power market participants to get an instant overview of production, consumption and transmission outages. The messages are published as text messages making it hard to get a full overview of different markets and areas. That's why we have developed an integrated UMM Management tool displaying power outages as time series. Each UMM impact is quantified into a start and end date as well as the unavailability. Also, we apply basic assumptions on the installed capacity for each production unit, making sure the issued information is as reliable as possible.

New Countries Added 

We import UMMs from different sources. In addition to UMMs published through EEX for Central Western Europe (CWE) and NordPool (NP) for the Nordics and Baltics, we have added RTE for France an ENTSO-E for UK and Italy making the Wattsight UMM Management the only pan-European provider of quantified UMMs. 

Aggregated Production Type Display

The improved UMM management displays outages of production units and their respective production type. Hence, you see an aggregated overview of fuels types (nuclear, coal, coal-derived gas, lignite, gas, oil, biomass, garbage, wind, hydro, pumped storage, run-of-river, water reservoir and solar).

What You Get

  • Integrated UMM information gathered in one place as time series
  • A real-time UMM overview with updated every 15 minutes 
  • Short- and medium-term display 
  • UMM changes within the last 24 hours  
  • Production types displayed separately 

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