Wattsight Updated with Hourly ECMWF Weather Forecasts

ECMWF update
Nov. 9, 2018Joakim R. Blakstad

This morning, we implemented the new short-term hourly weather forecast from ECMWF to Wattsight.

Previously, only 3-hourly weather forecast from ECMWF have been available and therefore hourly changes in Wattsight fundamental models were created using interpolation. The new hourly data will in a much better way describe how winds, temperatures, and clouds are changing making Wattsigh´s fundamental models. 

Wattsight's ECMWF Roadmap 

The new implementation is the first step towards integrating all of the newly available high-frequency products from ECMWF including:

  1. Hourly resolution for first 0-90 hours for both deterministic and ensemble forecasts
  2. Four daily deterministic weather simulations at 00/06/12/18 UTC.

Wattsight will soon add the deterministic forecasts at 06/18 UTC to our webpage and API. Also, we will add a new blog about the update and with general information about our weather forecast models from ECMWF.

Further information can be found on ECMWF's website.

Joakim R. Blakstad
Senior Meteorologist