Market Analysis for Power Professionals

Our products include high-resolution forecasts of fundamentals and prices adapted to the power market's needs for the short-, medium- and long-term horizon. Benefit from our vast knowledge base, second opinions from analysts and cost-efficient decision support for investments in power and energy assets.

Intraday & short-term forecasts

Pan-European forecasts for prices, fundamentals and weather drivers up to the front month.

Medium-term Forecasts

Forecasts for all traded power-products for several regions in Europe, from two weeks up to four years ahead.

Long-term Prognosis

We provide analyses looking four to 25 years ahead. Our products span from comprehensive price prognoses and full descriptions of fundamentals to expected market designs.

Adjoining Data & Forecasts

Stand-alone products in addition to our price and fundamental forecasts.

Data Requests

We specify and tailor data and information to your needs. Get customized input to your data requirement from our own internal and external data sources.



We are experts in the fields of market design and mechanism. Benefit from our vast market knowledge and get the best advice from our experienced analysts for strategic decision-making on power-related topics.