Coal and Freight Market Analysis

Monitoring and Forecasting for the Whole Curve.

Integrated Analysis for Professionals

We provide professionals, involved in power and coal wholesale, with standalone analysis products. In cooperation with Perret Associates, we offer a comprehensive fundamental coal and freight market analysis. In our app, you find data monitoring and price forecasts for the whole curve.

Base your decisions on the best insight

We provide you with a daily coal and freight analysis with short- to long-term forecasts up to 20 years ahead.

In cooperation with Perret Associates

Perret Associates is a London-based consultancy, specialized in coal, freight, iron ore and steel. It produces market analysis and forecasts as well as a wide range of consultancies in risk management, business development and strategy for international companies, eager to develop their trading activities.

What you get

Short-term Coal & Freight

DES ARA, FOB Richards Bay 6,000 and main dry bulk freight contracts. Replacement costs for physical coal delivered via ARA, China and India. Inventories analysis at main hubs and trading volumes. Spreads, including dark-spreads, spark-spreads and weather updates worldwide. Technical analysis of the main coal and freight contracts.

Medium-term Coal & Freight

Price forecast two years ahead. Coverage of coal products geographically and for high and low qualities. Demand forecast for the main importing countries. Inventories analysis and forecast.

Long-term Coal & Freight

Price forecast 20 years ahead. Supply and demand for steam coal seaborne flows. A detailed country analysis in each main report. Recalibration of models for China and India. Cost curve for the main exporting countries.

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