Electricity Certificate Market Analysis

Monitoring and Forecasting Elcert Fundamentals and Prices.

Frontrunner advice and insight

The market for electricity certificates is still in its formative stage. As a leading provider of Elcert analyses, we intend to stay at the forefront of this development through presenting fundamental data and price analyses.

Nordic Price Prognoses up to 25 years Ahead

Our Elcert product covers Nord Pool’s Elcert market. We provide short-, medium- and long-term price analyses alongside forecasts of fundamental price drivers. As a customer, you receive daily updates on project developments, accumulated volumes and price prognoses up to 25 years ahead.

Elcert Short-term Forecast

We update the Elcert short-term forecast daily. You get a quick overview of the most important fundamental drivers in the forthcoming weeks. We also provide a daily trading recommendation.

Elcert Medium-term Forecast

We update the Elcert medium-term forecast on a monthly basis, focusing on the next four years. As a customer, you receive weather scenarios and prices from the EMPS model.

Elcert Long-term Forecast

Our long-term forecast is updated on a quarterly basis and describes control station results and estimates the next adjustments. We consider project developments, accumulated volumes and price prognoses up to 25 years ahead.

What you get


Forecasts of Elcert prices in EUR, NOK and SEK


Forecasts of the fundamental price drivers including consumption, wind, hydro and bio

Monitoring and evaluation

of regulatory price drivers

Data service

providing an overview of Elcert-entitled monthly production and consumption for Norway and Sweden

One year of actual data

and forecasts up to three years ahead

Flexible and customized subscription packages

allowing you to choose between short-term or medium- and long-term analyses

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