EUA Market Analysis

Monitoring and Forecasting Fundamentals and Prices of European Emission Allowances.

The crucial insight on Emissions Forecasting

A broad overview of European power balances and future developments of plant capacity is crucial for emission forecasting. Even more important is the attention to a range of industrial sectors, being both direct CO2 emitters and large power consumers. Finally, EU and national policy developments affect both the supply and demand side of the carbon market. We give you the information you need to get the full overview.

Fundamental understanding of Developments

After many years of hibernation, EU lawmakers have targeted strong supply regulating measures. Much due to this, EU ETS CO2 prices have recently propped up to reach double digits and becoming increasingly volatile. We provide CO2 price forecasts based on our understanding of the short/medium term and fundamental supply/demand approach to the long term. A broad overview of the market is provided, commenting on the most important developments affecting the EU ETS prices.

What you get

CO2 Analysis

Short- and Medium-term


of the most important daily and weekly developments

Price forecasts

for four weeks ahead and delivery in nearest December

Extensive coverage

of the most important EU ETS relevant sectors

Monthly video

presenting the medium-term market

CO2 Analysis


Quarterly analysis

Accessed through subscription of our long-term reports for the Nordic power market

Price assessment

of available supply and demand – in contrast to the rather volatile short- and medium-term developments

A broad overview

of European power balances and future developments of plant capacities

Broad scope

of understanding the developments up to the year 2030

Additional features

CO2 price forecast available in API
Individual Consulting Possible

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