Gas Market Analysis

Comprehensive Fundamental Short- and Medium-term Forecasts.

Analysis for your area of interest

We provide standalone analysis products to professionals involved in power and gas wholesale. In our application, we provide fundamentals, price forecasts and data for your area for interest on the European market.

A broad view and strategic advice

Get a broad view on gas contracts, prices and conditions, in addition to consultancies in risk management, business development and strategy for international companies. We provide you with the best strategic advice, based on data models and objective analysis.

In cooperation with Metanopoly

Metanopoly has set up the gas portfolio structure and the trading organization of several companies in the gas market. Acting as adviser and as quality gas broker for selected customers, Metanopoly has been working since 2000 with European gas trading.

What you get

European Markets

Price Forward Curves, Market Closings, Short- and Medium-Term Forecasts for Spot- and Forward Markets

European Fundamentals

Complete coverage of fundamental data, Forecast Consumption, Forecast Storage Markets, Forecast Gas-to-Power

Fundamentals analysis data

accompanying the reports

Data reviews

Supply and demand data releases by country or region


Technical Analysis, Recommendations, Market Comments

Additional features

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