Imbalance Analysis for Power Markets

Live Balancing Price Estimations and Bidding Support for Control Reserves.

Reporting on both sides of the market

The energy industry is constantly changing, offering challenges for market participants. Our imbalance market analyses provide extensive coverage of physical imbalances on both sides of the market.

Quarter-hourly prices and control reserve bidding

We provide quarter-hourly prices for balancing energy as well as an overview of the day- and week-ahead bids for control reserves. Our analyses are based on both weather driven fundamentals and pure quantitative models such as time series and Monte Carlo methods.

Continental focus

Our Imbalance Analysis is currently offered solely for the German and Austrian power markets.

What you get

Live estimates

of balancing prices and continuous updates of the most relevant drivers such as grid data

Short-term forecasts

of the grid imbalance

Price outlook

and distribution of balancing prices for the forthcoming hours

Price analysis

of integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC)

Forecasted energy and capacity prices

for the minutes reserve, secondary and primary control reserve market, as well as updated reports on all relevant fundamental and stochastic drivers

Clean visualization and simple incorporation

of data in the form of charts, tables and a well-structured data download function allowing information to be fed directly into your models and systems

TSO raw data

for Central Western Europe and other European countries

Additional features

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