Intraday Power Forecast

A Market-leading Predictor for European Prices after Spot Settlement.

The Always up-to-date Forecast

With an increasingly volatile renewable generation, management of traded volumes requires action closer to delivery. We support the decision-making processes by delivering always up-to-date forecasts and fundamental expertise.

Adjusted every 15 minutes

Our Intraday Power Forecast tracks and forecasts imbalances in the physical market after spot settlement. We monitor solar, wind and consumption in real time, adjusting the forecasts every 15 minutes. Our aim is to minimize the deviation between the forecast and the continuously published actuals.

What you get

Power balance

We monitor and continuously forecast the expected power balance. We provide two forecasts based on ECMWF and one TSO forecast


including consumption, wind, SPV, and the total residual load

Lead-time analysis

allows you to see how the forecasts develop over time

Urgent Market Messages (UMMs)

quantified for the relevant period

Cross-border trading capacities

and exchange specific for the Intraday market

Updates on prices and traded volumes

with five minute frequency. Hourly and quarterly contracts, as well as visualization of the trading history

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