Long-term Power Prognosis

Market Insight and Forecasts for Strategic Decision-making.

Focus beyond the horizon

We provide continuously updated long-term outlooks up to 2045 on power prices, and underlying commodity prices for European countries. The report gives you an understanding of structural changes in power generation, transmission and consumption per country and includes crucial policy and insights on EU-targets and emerging technologies. Our track record of long-term analyses dates back to 1996 for the Nordics and 2012 for Central Western Europe. We are proud to have been advisor in many renewable energy investment projects in Europe.

Areas covered

In the Nordics we cover Norway, Sweden, and Denmark with their respective price areas as well as Finland. In Central Western Europe we cover Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Spain and Portugal.

What you get

Quarterly reports

presenting fundamental variables and price estimates

Data downloads

of fundamentals and price forecasts and balances

Presentation and Video

Standard PowerPoint presentation with key take-aways

Access to long-term reports

for Electricity Certificate Market Analysis and Power Weather


up to 2045


of policy backgrounds and power system developments

Insight into fuel and carbon

prices' outlooks and their relevance for power generation costs


Individual project-based advisory possible

Additional features

API Access
Presentation and Video Included
Individual Consulting Possible

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