Power Market Fundamentals

Monitoring, Collecting, Calculating and Forecasting.

From short-term to monthly forecasts

We update and publish all weather-driven variables upon the arrival of the weather forecasts. This includes short-term deterministic and ensemble forecasts from ECMWF, in addition to a 32-day long monthly forecast.

Truly Pan-European

Our fundamental forecasts cover the Nordics and the European continent. You benefit from data for your markets of interest, as well as neighboring markets.

What you get

Live updates

of all fundamentals are provided, as well as a complete set of relevant variables. These include historic actual/synthetic values (several years back) and climatological norms. We deliver the data on an hourly, daily and weekly resolution

Fundamental climate simulation

We can simulate and deliver the fundamental climate at an hourly resolution for the last 30 years

No internal data management needed

We comment and present the fundamentals in charts and tables so that you can follow any fundamental development without having to invest in costly systems for internal data management

Wind Power

Forecasts for wind production based on weather forecasts


Forecasts for consumption based on weather forecasts and historical actual data

Photovoltaic Production

Forecasts for solar panel production based on weather forecasts

Hydro Power

Forecasted data for Run-of-River and Total Hydro production


Power production data for plants fuelled by coal, lignite and gas

River Temperatures

Actual data and forecasts for river temperatures in Central Western and Central Eastern Europe


Overview of the actual exchange data associated with the day-ahead auction

Nuclear Production

Nuclear production for all areas in Europe

Fundamental Climate

30 weather years quantified for the period 2011 to 2025

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