Technical Analysis for Power

A secondary, independent opinion of power contracts and price drivers extending Insight's purely fundamental approach.

Future contracts analyzed

We analyze the most important power future contracts as well as the other price drivers and present the comprehensive view on the technical indicators every trading day. In addition, the analyst on duty formulates a conclusion for the short- and medium-term perspective.

Techniques applied to the current market situation

We employ different techniques and, depending on the current market situation, we follow more extensively either the trend detectors or the trend followers. Besides the candlestick charting technique for prices accompanied by the Moving Averages and the Bollinger Bands, we present the Volume and the On Balance Volume (OBV) to measure the positive and negative volume flow, different oscillators (MACD, RSI, Stochastic) and the DMI and the ADX indicators to measure the strength of the trend.

A technical snapshot

Our Technical Analysis reports are “static” and not meant to be a charting- or software-tool, but serve more like a technical snapshot if you don’t have time or resources to run your own Technical Analysis by yourselves. The conclusions are also used in our Recommendation part of our Medium-Term Power Forecast.

What you get

Technical reports

updated every trading day

Power futures

front- and second front year, front- and second front quarter futures on the Epex and on Nasdaq

Brent Crude

rolling month contract


EETS CO2 allowances, Dec contract


API2 Coal (front year and front quarter contracts)

Exchange rate


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