Urgent Market Messages Management

A Comprehensive Power Outage Overview.

Instant summary

You are a trader, analyst or power professional. You need a timely, reliable and convenient overview of available production capacity, consumption and transmissions limitations. We have developed a tool just for that.

The missing link in production, consumption and transmission

Infrastructure outages related to power production, consumption or flow affect power prices. Making the right trading decisions becomes increasingly difficult without this information. Through the publication of Urgent Market Messages (UMM), we provide extensive coverage of outages throughout Europe. We are the leading provider of an integrated UMM management system with consistent insight into the Nordics, Baltics and Central Western Europe. We aim to cover all of Europe.

What you get

Complete solution

with all UMM information gathered in one place

Live overview

of your area of focus and adjoining markets

Short- and medium-term display

of production, consumption and transmission outages

Time series

for individual units including date of publication and outage run time

A real-time UMM overview

through continuous management of changes and amendments made to the initial UMM

Additional features

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API Access
Access to "Weather for Power"

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