Weather for Power

Quantified Weather Variables for Electricity Trading and Generation.

Optimized for your use

Our comprehensive weather service provides an in-depth overview of common weather variables. In addition, we continuously calculate and deliver weather indices such as heating and cooling demand, wind chill and cloud cover. This makes our weather feed optimal for your use in energy-related analyses.

A Pan-European overview

Our weather service covers all of Europe, providing a complete overview of your area of interest, as well as how weather impacts adjoining power markets. We provide you with all relevant weather data.

What you get


Average temperatures for consumption areas in all countries

Heating index

Estimating temperature-driven effects on consumption

Cooling index

Estimating temperature-driven effects on consumption

Wind chill

Estimating wind-driven effects on consumption

Meteorologist comment

Weather patterns and probabilities explained

River temperature

Estimating the limiting factor for nuclear production

Maps for ECMWF & GFS

Large-scale weather trends and patterns across Europe

Precipitation energy

Estimating a daily hydropower input

Climate Scenarios

Based on fundamental variables spanning 30 weather years

Additional features

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